On 9/17/21, we lost our dear friend Megan Paige Robinson. In addition to being one of our best friends, Megan was the driving force behind turning HARSH into something bigger than it ever was: a small press.

Though Megan loved to joke that she had only ever read “like four books,” she surrounded herself with writers and supported their work like no one else. She attended our readings, bought our books and shared our stories. And in the weeks before her death, she galvanized us with her determination to create our own space for new literature.

At the request of her family, we are accepting donations to carry on this work in her memory. Some of our plans include publishing a physical anthology and continuing to run new stories on the website. We made these plans with her, and they will happen one way or another.

If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link to Megan’s mother’s PayPal.